Now celebrating our 22nd year, we welcome you to the 4th Street Yoga community.

Our beautiful sunlit studio in the heart of Berkeley offers a rich variety of classes for you to join. Our highly qualified and gifted teachers are committed to offering you expert guidance in the practice of yoga. Classes are always available on a drop-in basis. We provide all yoga props. Bring a willing sense of spirit, wear clothing that does not restrict bodily movement, and a not too full stomach.

Our studio space is available to rent for workshops and seminars.
Contact Barbara at or (510) 845-9642 for more info.

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 April 2015

Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Thanks to our students for helping us earn a 5 Star rating on Yelp. Although all of our teachers have been influenced and/or trained in the Iyengar style of yoga, each teacher's development may reflect influences of other traditions as well.



In addition to our ongoing Classes, we offer specialized Workshops for Yoga beginners, experts, and enthusiasts at heart! From TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises), to Motion Theater, as well as Pre & Post Natal body care!

Meet Our Instructors!

Meet Our Instructors!

Meet our dedicated and experienced instructors most of whom have been studying and teaching Yoga for 10-20 years.

Ramanand Patel, International Yoga Teacher

I have found the Yamuna® ball rolling taught by Nikki Jordan of immense help. After my shoulder surgery in July of 2006, I have had ongoing issues with the shoulder. With this ball rolling I am finally able to give myself some relief from these issues.

Ann V

Beth Greenfield is such a wonderful yoga teacher. She focuses on posture and alignment and she is thoughtful and thorough in every pose. Her calm presence an soothing voice make the class a pleasure every time. She is able to push me to my limit without hurting me. Her 'balance' work has improved my spine throughout my everyday life. I highly recommend her classes!

Deborah N.

Beautiful space in the trees, totally convenient, with a fantastic array of teachers and workshops. I go as many times a week as I can, it nourishes and keeps me strong.

East Bay Express

Jonothon Gross teaches an intense blend of Ashtanga Yoga flow movements in a gentle and supportive way. He is the best kind of teacher: clear, comfortable, and compassionate. Each of his classes is perfectly designed to take you deeper and deeper into your body so that by the end of it, you've done more than you ever thought you could.


Scotty McCaulley is a fun teacher. There are often many older people in his classes. There is a combination of meditation and quieting the mind, gentle stretching, which can be quite challenging, some more demanding poses and relaxation. One can always work at one's own pace and rest as needed.


4th Street Yoga is the original - they were around way before there was a yoga studio on every corner. I have been coming here for many years and 4th Street Yoga has healed and seen me through so many transitions when I needed it most.


Pam McKernan, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher, has worked for the Downtown Berkeley Y since 1990. She has developed many popular workshops including: The Core Strength Series, Bosu: Total Body Workout, Stretch Clinic, and The Personal Training Yoga Program. She teaches 2 Sunday morning classes at 4th St. Yoga for you to enjoy.

Nikki P.

I love this woman. Rosy Moon Schlussel is all heart. I'd had a baby a few months before and hers was the first class I'd been to since my little one came into the world. She corrected my moves with such ancient knowledge of this sacred practice, and her gorgeous voice made it so that I never, ever wanted the class to complete. She weaves magic, humor and pure love into all that flows from her mouth which put my mind at ease.

Caroline L.

Deborah Saliby’s prenatal yoga classes are amazing. The techniques and general calmness she brought to class were super helpful throughout my labor. Going to class each week was probably the best medicine I could have taken for my mental health during my pregnancy. Deborah is very knowledgeable about yoga and does a great job explaining why we do each move and exactly how it is helpful during pregnancy.

Jennifer F.

Sally Pugh is fantastic and her classes are great. The classes for large women & men are a great workout and Sally encourages each student to move at their own pace while gently challenging themselves. I have gained strength, flexibility and agility.


Betty discovered yoga at age 50 and has been a devoted practitioner ever since. She is YogaWorks certified. Drawing from a variety of yoga influences, she specializes in a gentle approach that emphasizes hatha yoga basics while cultivating mindfulness.


Julie Emden directs the Embodied Jewish Learning Initiative at Jewish LearningWorks. A graduate of five fellowship and certification programs related to her work as a Jewish Educator and as a Yoga, Movement and Dance Instructor, Julie holds a BA from the University of Michigan. She has a passion for bringing Jewish text, wisdom, and practice alive via movement, dance, yoga and the expressive arts.

Deborah Crooks

After reconnecting with Albany-based yoga teacher, actress and personal coach Rosy Moon Schlussel, she invited me to an intro to the coaching and yoga instruction she does, a part of which she calls “Identity Yoga.” Rosy’s instruction was encouraging, precise and inspiring and I found the work to be effective at getting to the core of what’s going on.

Sarah M.

Barbara's yoga class is my sanctuary. I go to it for spiritual as well as physical healing. I've been going to her classes for eighteen years now. I just love being in her presence. She has such an authentically good energy and an expert knowledge of the body.

Natalie Goldberg

Nina Wise Is wildly wonderful, spontaneous, vibrant. She eats the present and makes it art. I can’t say enough about her. She’s fluid, funny, deep, authentic, fresh and hot!

Rushina Patel, Yoga Teacher, Genetics Counselor, Graduate of PYS Advanced Studies Program

I've been taking Yamuna® Body Rolling classes with Nikki for more than 5 years. It's an ingenious method for stretching, toning and massaging the muscles, and easing tightness around the joints. After a good session I feel that I've used my body intelligently, but I'm also nicely relaxed. Try it, it's awesome!

Maria S.

Deborah Saliby's prenatal yoga classes have truly been one of the highlights of my two pregnancies. Deborah's years of experience in yoga and hypnobirthing provide for not only a rejuvenating exercise class but for an opportunity to learn how your body changes from week to week and how you can make the best of your pregnancy. Moreover Deborah has a warm, positive way about her that I find to be perfect for guided meditation and makes her a very approachable and supportive teacher.


I have been taking a GREAT Ashtanga class at 4th street Yoga in Berkeley. The teacher is Jonathan Gross and he has a class on Sunday night at 6PM


I know the perfect teacher for you! His name is Scotty McCaulley He is a very gentle, accepting and encouraging person; not at all intimidating but very knowledgeable. I've always felt kind of overwhelmed in everyone's yoga classes but Scotty's. He has a well-deserved loyal following. And I don't think he'd mind my saying that I think he is over 40 years old.

Amy T.

Barbara Voinar at 4th Street Yoga is a REAL yoga teacher - she completely knows the body and is an incredible guide to students at any level. I never miss her class!

M. Frank

I went to look at all the yoga spaces in Berkeley and some in Oakland. This is the only one that inspired me to come. Airy, bright and Betty is such an inviting, humorous and graceful guide.

P. Ehara

Ariel, your direction to move slowly through the stretches helped to close the distance between my breathing, mind and body. So simple yet so profound! The encouragement to put awareness on moving slowly in combination with the specific stretches you introduced felt like my body was being fed a delicious breakfast! Thank you again!

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