January Workshops

Yoga & The Alexander Technique     
With Don Tuttle & Mike McKenna
4 Class Sunday Series 1:30 – 2:30 PM
Jan. 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th

Yoga and the Alexander Technique is intended for students of all levels of yoga practice. Unlike most on-going yoga classes, the focus will be on learning the principals of the Alexander Technique and how to use this method to guide movement in asana. This approach leads to safe, deep and often, new yoga experiences.   Alexander INFO Here

(The Alexander Technique is a practical method for learning to live and act with more ease and effectiveness. It is taught largely through hands-on guidance from an experienced teacher.)Contact:dontut@earthlink.com

* In addition to workshop offering,  Don will be starting on ongoing class for Yoga & Alexander in 2019 on Sunday mornings from 8:30 to 9:20AM 

T’ai Chi Yang Style Short Form in the tradition of Professor Cheng Man-Ching
STILLNESS IN MOTION                            
With Greacian Goeke
Resumes Weds. Jan. 9th 3:00-4:10 pm     

New and continuing students are welcome to join the class. If you are new to the class, please contact Greacian ggoeke@mac.com so she can send you orientation information.
Greacian and assistant teacher Gabrielle look forward to sharing our practice with you and increasing well-being and peace of mind through the winter season.

Large & Graceful: A Deepening with Sally Pugh
2019 Dates TBA

Yoga designed for full-bodied women in a community of support. An opportunity to begin or to deepen and expand your yoga practice, and enhance body, mind, and spirit integration. We will include asanas that strengthen the core body, develop balance, flexibility, and strength, and breathing practices to awaken presence, center, and ground. The last hour of the workshop is Restorative Yoga, relaxation, and meditation. We also address individual participants needs and desires for finding ease in their practice. Beginners are welcome. Please register with Sally Pugh. SallyPugh@gratefulspirityoga.net


Motion Theater
with  Nina Wise & Sybil Meyer
Weds. 7:30– 9:30 pm resumes Jan. 16th

Workshops with Nina Wise & Sybil Meyer give you the physical and spiritual tools to translate your inner life into theater. Everyone has a story to tell. But few of us have the opportunity to express ourselves freely in a safe and supportive environment. What makes these workshops unique is the emphasis on the integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Contact: Sybil Meyer  or  Nina Wise  




Performance Lab
with  Nina Wise
Thursdays 7:30–10:00pm New 2019 Dates TBA 

This advanced Lab meets once a week for three to six months and is intended for people who’ve already taken a Motion Theater workshop. You’ll hone your Motion Theater skills practicing solo, duet, trio and ensemble forms with other trained improvisers. Advanced Lab culminates in a public performance. Through this expressive, transformational practice, you’ll cultivate presence, advance your artistic craft and develop your leadership and presentation skills.Contact: Nina 

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