Yoga Workshops

Motion Improv 1
with Sybil Meyer 

Monday’s Sept.11t
h- Oct. 23rd            7:30-9:30pm

For those new to Motion Theater and for those who want to refresh their skills. This workshop offers training in the foundation of autobiographical improvisation. Learn to move with ease, generate personal narrative, find meaning in common things, develop ease in front of an audience, and engage in spontaneous creative expression.
$275 for 8-week series  Contact: Sybil   


Motion Improv 
with Nina Wise
Weds. Sept.  13th -Oct. 25th   7:30–9:30pm

Motion Theater practices are designed to raise your spirits, inspire personal insight, deepen intimacy, create community, expand awareness, enhance self-confidence and develop presence and craft as a leader or performer.  Contact: Nina

Performance Lab
with  Nina Wise
Thurs. Starts Sept. 14th 7:30–9:30pm

This advanced Lab meets once a week for three to six months and is intended for people who’ve already taken a Motion Theater workshop. You’ll hone your Motion Theater skills practicing solo, duet, trio and ensemble forms with other trained improvisers. Advanced Lab culminates in a public performance. Through this expressive, transformational practice, you’ll cultivate presence, advance your artistic craft and develop your leadership and presentation skills.Contact: Nina

Large & Graceful:A Deepening with Sally Pugh
Saturday, Sept. 2nd 2:00-5:00PM

Yoga designed for full-bodied women, offering an opportunity to begin or to deepen and expand your yoga practice, and enhance body, mind, body, develop balance, flexibility and strength, and breathing practices to awaken presence, center and ground. The last hour of the workshop will be Restorative Yoga, relaxation and meditation. We address individual participant’s needs and desires for finding ease in their practice. Beginners are welcome.         Contact: Sally

Yoga Nidra-Mind Body Restore Mini Session
4th Friday of each month          cancelled in August

11:00 – 11:30am

A practical mini version of the Mind Body Restore Workshop with tangible relaxing results.  $5 – $8 sliding scale

Contact: Shakti


Mind Body Restore Yoga Nidra Workshop

with Shakti Assouline
Sunday, Aug. 27th        2:30 – 4:30pm  

Enjoy a deep yoganidra session and learn about some basic mental distortions that we all experience. Shakti will also teach ways to notice when these distortions come up and how to shift them into thoughts that increase your peace & happiness.

Lay down and experience an incredibly easy, yet profoundly powerful form of meditation called yoga nidra. Instead of asking the mind to “be still,” we use the active nature of the mind and direct it in a way that relaxes the actual cerebral cortex, and thus rejuvenates the brain, mind and body. In this delicious state of receptivity, it is easy to shift old patterns of thought or behavior and rewire neural pathways to bring about more optimism, satisfaction and happiness. Nidra is also known to heal sleep difficulties, and nourish our entire system.

Cost: $25
Contact: Shakti

Yoga for Renewal
with Julie Emden
Sunday, Sept. 10th  2:00 – 4:00pm

Enter into the High Holy Day season with a gentle Iyengar-based yoga and movement practice, infused with wisdom teachings rooted in Jewish Mystical tradition. Discover your own sensing, moving body as a resource for presence, joy and calm while gaining a deeper connection to yourself on all levels- mind,body, heart and spirit- at this time of return and renewal on the Hebrew Calendar.                       $25 Public/ $20 Members of Co-sponsoring Organizations

Julie Emden, RYT-500, directs the Embodied Jewish Learning Initiative in San Francisco. A graduate of five fellowship and teaching certification programs related to her work as a Jewish educator, Iyengar-based yoga instructor and movement/expressive artist, Julie has nineteen years of experience guiding others in exploring Jewish wisdom, text and practices via the body in a variety of settings. Embodied Jewish Learning offers classes, workshops, on-line learning, retreats, teacher trainings, and strategic consultation and guidance for Jewish Wellness Initiatives throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact: Julie


Yoga Nidra Intensive & Teacher Training
With Shakti Assouline

This training is for seasoned practitioners or newcomers. Whether you want to easily and powerfully shift an area of your life, heal & inspire yourself in a short concentrated time period; or master the art of guiding others into a deeper, happier life.  Yoga Nidra Training will give you proficiency in powerful techniques of gaining clarity & confidence, learning where the “off” switch is for the mind, regenerating the mind and body, tapping into states of happiness, and healing the mind & body of all tensions.

This life changing immersion will bring you clarity on your own goals and desires, and help you live from a centered and satisfied place. Full details here:

Shakti Assouline is a Master Meditation Trainer. Her bio is available at Recently, CEO of Next Jump, Charlie Kim, requested a technique created by Shakti to be implemented by all Yoga Nidra teachers who lead daily meditation classes for his employees.

“Three things have changed my life, doing yoganidra with Shakti is one of them.” – VP of Fortune 500 company.

“Shakti is an excellent teacher -thoughtful, thorough, clear, sincere though with levity and humor as well.” – Ellen Mossman; CMT, BCST, VCSW

Fri., Sep 15th, 3-5pm
Sat., Sep 16th, 3-6:30pm
Sun., Sep 17th, 1-5pm
Fri., Sep 22nd, 3-5pm
Sat., Sep 23rd, 3-6:30pm
Sun., Sep 24th, 1-5pm

$750 Full Tuition
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $675 (If booked by Aug. 15th )
To book early Contact: Shakti at call 305-394-4772


An afternoon with Angela Farmer 
to “Re-Member”

Friday, Oct. 6th 11:30 – 5:00pm

An intimate gathering for women who love to feel who they are in long slow stretches, deep internal explorations, colors, dreams, dance and stories…
all evolving uniquely and solo,or amazingly with each other together.

CURRENTLY FULL Contact:Barbara  To be Added to Wait List


Yoga and Ayurveda for Diabetes Yoga workshop and Book Launch with Rachel Zinman
Sunday, Oct. 8th 2:00 – 5:00pm

Whether you live with any type of Diabetes, have pre-diabetes are a caregiver to someone with diabetes or a yoga teacher wanting to know more about how you can support a person with diabetes in your class, you won’t want to miss this informative, motivating and life changing workshop.

International yoga teacher Rachel Zinman never thought it could happen to her. At the age of 42, nearly 25 years into her career as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. At first she was devastated and sure there had been some mistake. Fighting her diagnosis she relied on the profound health benefits of yoga and ayurveda to help to preserve her insulin producing cells. Eventually, facing some hard truths, she knew that the only way forward was to incorporate insulin into her diabetes management plan. This was the start of a journey to write a book to help people living with diabetes to discover the profound benefits of Yoga and to offer her wealth of knowledge through workshops and retreats worldwide.

Register Below using Paypal… Registration includes a copy of Rachel’s book.

In this workshop Rachel will share…

A short talk introducing:
– Why Yoga is the perfect compliment to a daily diabetes management plan
– What sorts of yoga styles are suited to the type of diabetes someone has
– How yoga benefits someone living with diabetes and their caregivers
– The beauty of the healing science of Ayurveda and how knowing ones individual constitution can help manage diabetes

A yoga practice including:
– a simple breathing technique to melt away stress
– a well rounded flowing easy sequence for every type of diabetes
– a calming meditation

The workshop will conclude with a short reading from Rachel’s new book, Yoga for Diabetes, How to manage your health with Yoga and Ayurveda and a book signing.
“So often the medical world treats diabetes, and all chronic disease, from a purely mechanistic, reductive framework, ignoring the complex reality of how disease affects body, mind and spirit. Rachel does a beautiful job of integrating western physiology, yoga and Ayurveda into a fluid practice that can be tailored to our individual needs.” Lisa Nelson MD – Director of Medical Education, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Contact: Rachel

Yoga for Diabetes


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